Professional Development

Pre-Pofessional Opportunities

Through internships, research, experiential learning and study abroad opportunities, you will enrich your classroom experience while preparing for a career that promotes a just and humane world. 

  • Gain pre-professional experience while completing a Public Affairs Internship 

  • Engage with the global classroom where you will develop knowledge of diverse cultures while viewing your own culture through a new lens

  • Broaden your experience through fellowships and undergraduate research

  • Connect with resources to aid in your career planning and job search

  • Explore options for graduate education and learn about schools chosen by recent SU Public Affairs graduates 



Pre-Pofessional Opportunities

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Kevin Ward, PhD

Associate Professor and Director Casey 210-18



Kimberly Gawlik, JD

Senior Administrative Assistant Casey 210



Taneum Fotheringill | class of '18

Taneum graduated (Magna Cum Laude) with a double degree in Public Affairs and Humanities for Leadership. She joined Citizen University as the Program and Communications Coordinator. “Public Affairs is filled with courses that allowed me to be imaginative about my studies. Each course challenged me to develop a deep interest in my work and to explore the vast possibilities of public service. I began the program without any concept of what my future career could be, and I left firmly committed to civic life and public service.”