Nonprofit and Public Administration Minor

Kelly Curtis Class of '21

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"My non-profit and public administration classes taught me to constantly question what leadership looks like; who is being affected by public policy and what makes our systems run or come to a halt. I chose a PUBA minor because my public affairs classes focus on practical policy issues and complement the theoretical side of my Political Science major"


The minor in Nonprofit and Public Administration welcomes students interested in pursuing careers working in the nonprofit sector, local, state or federal government. As a Nonprofit and Public Administration Minor, you must complete 30 credits with a cumulative grade point average of 2.0. Coursework includes:

  • Three required classes (15 credits)
  • Three elective classes (15 credits) in Public Administration and Policy, Nonprofit, Urban Planning or an Internship or Independent Study

Coursework in the minor encourages you to explore diverse perspectives and apply problem-solving skills to analyze and address real-world social problems.  

The Nonprofit and Public Administration minor is complementary to many majors.  If you are interested in pursuing the nonprofit leadership minor, we encourage you to meet with your advisor to discuss your interests and career goals and to plan your course of study.

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