Discover your passion while working with leading professionals in the field and connecting with mentors who can help you to carve your future career path.  Many of our students intern with government offices and nonprofits accross the globe - from Olympia to DC to Brussels.

The Internship Process

  • You must complete an internship of (at least) 3 credits, which is equivalent to 90 hours of supervised work with the hosting organization.  Ideally, you will complete the internship after your sophomore year once you have chosen your area of concentration.
  • The internship is your opportunity to explore your interests and apply what you have learned in the classroom to a workplace setting.  
  • You should start your internship search several weeks ahead of the quarter in which you plan to begin the internship. The Public Affairs Internship Coordinator (currently, Dr. Noreen Elbert) can help you to develop an internship plan that meets your academic and career goals.

Finding an Internship

Organizations that frequently offer Public Affairs Internships:

Additional Resources

 Student Spotlight

Connor Crinion - Current Student

"While interning with Compass Housing Alliance I served as a housing navigator, working directly with single adult men experiencing homelessness. As a housing navigator, I called landlords, met with clients, and learned how to utilize the confusing maze of social programs available to those experiencing homelessness. Twice in my internship I experienced the joy of helping move a chronically homeless client into his new apartment. For me, my internship allowed me to go beyond theory and make a real impact."

Registering for an Internship

Before you can register for your internship, you must meet with the Internship Coordinator to discuss your internship and complete the appropriate SU registration materials, including:

Before the last day of classes of the quarter during which you complete your internship, you must complete and submit the following documents to the Internship Coordinator:

  • Student Internship Report
  • Supervisor Report  You should provide a copy of this form to your internship supervisor prior to completion of your internship and request that they complete the form and email it to the Internship Coordinator by the due date

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