Seattle University Veteran’s Memorial


To create a memorial that not only honors our fallen heroes but creates a place of healing for all.

About the Project: 

Memorial Day 2017, the idea was formed to create a memorial to honor Seattle University's fallen heroes. With inspiration from the documentary Maya Lin: A Strong Clear Vision, we are endeavoring to create a memorial that offers a   place for healing not only for veterans but for the entire community.

How you can get involved: 

More information to come as this project evolves and grows. A few questions to consider as we begin this journey: Why is it important to memorialize? What does a memorial look like? Should SU have a Veterans Memorial?



Phase I
'Planning Phase'
Hire Program Coordinator
Develop working group
Develop a way to document progress of the project 

Phase II: 
'Competition Phase'
Develop design selection committee
Competition kick-off
  Design Winner Announced
Construction planning

 Phase III: 
Construction & Maintenance

*Subject to change



For more information:

Photo of Sierra Cox

Sierra Cox

Seattle University Veteran’s Memorial Program Coordinator

Phone: (206) 296-6070

Building/Room: PAVL 180

Sierra grew up in Marion, North Carolina. She spent 4 years in the Coast Guard as a Machinery Technician where she overhauled many sewage pumps and air compressors aboard Coast Guard Cutter Mellon. After being stationed in Seattle she decided to put down roots and made the city her home. She is pursuing her BSW and is currently working as the Program Coordinator for the SU Veterans Memorial. She also works at Lush which has led to her admittedly ridiculous bath bomb collection. Some of Sierra’s interests include: true crime podcasts, CrossFit, her dog Messi, reality television, and professional wrestling.