What's New in Canvas

New Rich Content Editor (RCE)

Instructure, the developers of Canvas, are requiring us to transition to the newest version of the Rich Content Editor (RCE). We delayed this transition as long as possible to avoid any interface changes during COVID.

But beginning on Thursday, December 10th, all courses in Seattle U Canvas will start to use the New Rich Content Editor (RCE).

The New RCE will be used to add and edit content in Announcements, Assignments, Discussions, Pages, Classic Quizzes, and the Syllabus.

The most significant change to the RCE is that Canvas no longer has a separate area for linking to internal course content (see screenshots below). The RCE now places both internal and external linking within the same area. The primary reason Instructure developed this new RCE was to improve compatibility on mobile devices.

Below is a video and support guides for faculty and students on how to use the new RCE.

Overview of New RCE

What the New RCE Looks LikeScreenshot of New Rich Content Editor

What the Old or "Classic" RCE Looks Like

Screenshot of Old

Guides for Instructors

Guides for Students

Additional Tips about the new RCE