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Latest Updates: Table of Contents

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Canvas Updates

New Quizzes

Instructure has released a new quiz tool for Canvas —"New Quizzes"— and will continue to offer the current tool, "Classic Quizzes," so instructors have a choice about which Canvas quiz tool they would like to use. New Quizzes includes some new question types not available in Classic Quizzes and allows for partial points/credit for some question types. New Quizzes also includes more control over some quiz settings as well as an enhanced user experience for quiz takers and quiz builders.

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Override Course Availability Dates in Course Settings

If you wish to manage access to your Canvas course beyond the limits of the official term dates (such as enabling or restricting students from accessing the course, or giving faculty colleagues access to past courses), instructors can change their course availability in the course Settings.

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Fall Pilot: Microsoft Teams Canvas Integration

Over the summer, Microsoft and Canvas have been working together to bring Teams functionality into Canvas. There are two ways of integrating Teams into your Canvas course site: linking to an overall Teams collaboration space or using just the Teams Meetings feature. Teams Meetings in Canvas functions similarly to Zoom in Canvas, allowing you to schedule online meetings for your class that automatically include all participants.

Contact CDLI for more information or to request enabling Teams in your Canvas course during the pilot.

Screenshot of Microsoft Teams Meeting Canvas Integration

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SpeedGrader Comment Library

Grading with SpeedGrader is now even quicker and easier with the new SpeedGrader Comment Library which allows instructors to save and reuse commonly used assignment feedback in SpeedGrader. Comments you have added to the Comment Library are accessible from each course in which you are enrolled as an instructor.

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Student Annotation Assignments

Instructors now can select Student Annotation as a submission type for individual assignments. This feature allows instructors to upload a document for students to directly annotate and submit in Canvas.

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Assignment Resubmissions in SpeedGrader

If you have configured your assignments to allow for multiple submission attempts, instructors can now ask students to revise and resubmit an assignment directly in SpeedGrader by clicking the Reassign Assignment button.

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Webcam Submissions in Assignments

Students can now use their webcam to submit a File Upload assignment from the Submit Assignment screen. Another added benefit is for graded submission types, media submitted via the webcam functionality do not count against course or user quota.

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Course Templates

Department chairs and program directors are often looking for easy ways to organize and share reusable Canvas course content in order to create a consistent student experience across courses in their program. The new Course Templates feature, along with other Canvas features, allows those coordinating course content to develop content templates including pages, assignments, quizzes or fully developed courses that can automatically populate new Canvas course shells.

Contact CDLI for more information.

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File Preview Enhancements

When you link to files (such as Word documents or PDFs) in the Canvas Rich Content Editor, there are two new options to display a file preview.

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Math Equation Enhancements

Canvas now uses MathJax to render LaTeX equations, which can now be added in any Canvas text field. Find out more about how to use the built-in LaTeX Math Editor in the Canvas Rich Content Editor.

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Pretty HTML Editor

If you prefer to edit using the HTML editor, Canvas now has a Pretty HTML editor to make your editing in HTML a little easier.

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Recent History in Global Navigation

Looking for an easy way to recall what page(s) you were just working on within Canvas? The Global Navigation now has a History button to help users remember the most recent viewed pages in one or multiple courses.

Screenshot of the Recent History button in Canvas Global Navigation menu

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Canvas Studio Updates

A few updates have been made to Canvas Studio, our integrated video platform within Canvas.

Display Media Tabs

When you embed a video from Canvas Studio into your Canvas course, under the embed options, there is a toggle button to "Display Media Tabs" (formerly, "Display Comments") which includes Details, Comments, Insights, and Captions tabs. If you do not wish to include the media tabs along with your Canvas Studio video, toggle the button off before clicking "Embed."
Screenshot of how to toggle the 'display media tabs' button on and off when embedding a Canvas Studio video

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Video Annotations

You can now add annotations (headline, text, and a link) to your videos in Canvas Studio. When viewers play annotated media, the video pauses and annotations display overlayed on top of the video.

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In Case You Missed It

Accessibility Checker

The Canvas Rich Content Editor (RCE) has a built-in accessibility checker to help you meet accessibility guidelines and help ensure your course content is understandable and navigable for students with disabilities. 

Screenshot of the Canvas Rich Content Editor (RCE) Accessibility Checker

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Student View

Looking for a way to verify that your course is set up and resources are visible as expected? Student View is a great way to review your course materials using the built-in Canvas Test Student. You can even submit a test assignment or try out a quiz using Student View.

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Canvas Commons

Share Canvas resources with your colleagues at Seattle U (and beyond, if desired) with Canvas Commons. Canvas Commons is a repository of free, Creative Commons content you can import and use in your Canvas courses. Instructors worldwide contribute to Canvas Commons including images, assignments, quizzes, modules, and whole courses. Several resources created by SU faculty and CDLI have been added to Commons.