Camtasia is a screen recording and advanced video editor which can be used it to create short lectures or tutorials and then edit the video for a polished finished product. Some of the post-production capabilities include adding a table of contents so viewers can easily navigate the video, and adding quizzing/survey elements to make your video interactive.

 Note: SU faculty and instructional staff can request a Camtasia license by contacting the Center for Digital Learning & Innovation (CDLI) at or 206.296.5456.



Tip: instead of uploading to YouTube, you can upload your videos to Canvas for password-protected, streaming playback by your students. Please see the Produce & Share Camtasia help video for instructions on saving your video as a local file. Next, please see the Uploading Media & Webcam Recordings section of the Canvas tutorials for instruction on uploading and sharing the video with your students.
 Note: uploading videos to Canvas provides auto-generated closed captions that are up to 80% accurate. You can then use built-in tools to clean up your video's captions in order to 1) provide accessibility accommodations for students 2) help students access your videos when they aren't able to listen to your narration (i.e.: in a public space without headphones) 3) provide support for non-native English speakers.

Tip: you can alternatively add true/false or multiple choice self-check quizzes to locally produced Camtasia videos that you upload and share in a Canvas course. While Camtasia provides more types of quiz questions than the Canvas tool, both Camtasia and Canvas video quizzes can be integrated with the Canvas gradebook.


Technical Support

TechSmith, the company that makes Camtasia, provides assistance to SU faculty and instructional staff who are encountering technical problems.

Faculty and staff should reference our maintenance agreement number when calling - M1367795.