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If you plan to use videoconferencing extensively in your courses, it is strongly recommended that you request access to Zoom, which is external to Canvas and provided to SU faculty by the Center for Digital Learning & Innovation. Zoom is a powerful and intuitive video conferencing, screen sharing and screen recording tool that works on all browsers and most mobile devices. In addition to supporting synchronous video calls, Zoom can record your screen while you present materials. This recording can then be uploaded to Canvas for viewing.

Free Zoom accounts allow hosts to hold meetings of up to 50 participants for up to 40 minutes. Seattle University faculty and staff may contact CDLI for licensing information about Zoom Pro, which allows meetings of unlimited length.


(after requesting your SU account)

  • Seattle University Zoom Portal: http://seattleu.zoom.us
  • Username: userid@seattleu.edu // Password: your Zoom password



Guides & Support

Tip: Zoom saves recorded meetings to your computer. You can then upload Zoom recordings to Canvas for streaming playback with students.

Zoom provides 24/7 technical assistance

 Note: students, and any faculty or staff using the "Free Plan", aren't eligible for phone support

Get answers fast from the Canvas support team:

Faculty Canvas Support Hotline: 833-250-2081

Email: support@instructure.com

Note: Your students should contact the Student Support Hotline at: 844-668-0893


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