Canvas Integrations

Canvas Application integrations are the process of bringing data or functionality from an external application into Canvas. Integrations can be advantageous to expand the core capabilities of Canvas and many applications now have this ability. However, because Canvas contains FERPA-protected data and integrations can significantly modify how Canvas works, CDLI, the CIO, and the Office of the University Counsel must evaluate and approve integrations.

Approved Canvas Integrations:

  • Academic Writer (APA)
  • Cengage Learning
  • Elsevier
  • FlatWorld
  • iClicker
  • Lumen Learning
  • McGrawHill (Includes ALEKS, Connect)
  • MyBusinessCourse (Cambridge)
  • MyOpenMath
  • Pearson myLab
  • Perusall
  • Turning Technologies Polling
  • WAMAP (Hosted by Lumen Learning)
  • WileyPlus
  • zyBooks (Wiley)

The above apps are approved for integration on a course-by-course basis by request to; re-use of the app in subsequent terms will require a new request. Instructors are responsible for working with the app vendor to obtain the necessary information for adding the app to their course.

To request the integration of an external application within Canvas, follow the instructions in the guide below:

Canvas Integration Request Form (Word Document) 

Note: Reviews for new app integrations often take several weeks; requests should be submitted well in advance of the start of the term.