November 6-10, 2019


Celebrating Reunions

Class of 1969 50th Reunion
Class of 2009 10th Reunion
Sullivan Scholars 30th Anniversary
Search Retreat 50th Reunion
HiYu Coulee 80th Anniversary

Homecoming Weekend is bigger than ever! Now featuring reunion celebrations, we have new events like an alumni lecture and class receptions alongside Homecoming favorites like the Red Umbrella Parade and Homecoming men's basketball game. Join us this year in celebration of all things Seattle U!

Find more information about reunion committees, events and registration by following the links below. 

Join the Class of 1969 for their 50th Reunion!Join the Class of 2009 for their 10th reunion!Sullivan Scholars reunion website.Join Search Retreat for their 50th reunion!Join HiYu Coulee for their 80th reunion

Find a list of events for reunion weekend 2019!