Alumni Awards

The 2019 Seattle University Alumni Awards celebrated five outstanding alumni:

Alumna of the Year – Brenda Christensen, ’81 MBA
University Service – Kathleen Schafer, ‘81
Professional Achievement – Dan Wall, ’08 LEMBA
Community Service – Chach Duarte White, ’00 JD
Outstanding Recent Alumna – Gretchenrae Campera, ‘08

Take a look at our Alumni Awards video to hear how those in the Seattle U community see the contributions of our five outstanding winners and how each of them has made an impact on their community.

2019 Alumni Awards Winners

Profile image of Brenda Christensen, ’81, Alumna of the Year

Profile image of Gretchenrae Campera, ’08, University Service Award winner

Profile image of Dan Wall, ’08, Professional Achievement Award winner

Profile image of Gretchenrae Campera, ’08, Outstanding Recent Alumna

Profile image of Midori “Chach” Duarte White, ’00, Community Service Award winner


List of Alumni Awards


Alumna/Alumnus of the Year
The highest honor bestowed by the Seattle University Alumni Association. This award recognizes alumni who embody the mission and values of the University. Awardees regularly demonstrate outstanding leadership, service to the university and community, and a commitment to care, academic excellence, diversity, faith and justice.


Outstanding Recent Alumna/us
Recognizes alumni who have graduated within the past 10 years whose contributions exemplify the Jesuit mission and values of Seattle University. Recipients of this award serve as role models for current and future graduates through career impact, outstanding leadership and diverse service to their communities.


University Service Award
Recognizes alumni or other community members who have had a major impact on the university, its schools, colleges, department, students or faculty through distinguished leadership and service to Seattle University. These individuals have contributed to the advancement of the academic mission of higher education in the Jesuit tradition and have a long-standing legacy of service with the university.


Professional Achievement Award
Recognizes alumni for exceptional accomplishments and leadership in the nominee’s professional field and whose careers exemplify a Seattle University education – demonstrating active inquiry, intellectual curiosity, and leadership. Recipients of this award have often gained national or international recognition in their careers.


Community Service Award
Recognizes alumni whose commitment, skill, and dedication have made a lasting impact in their communities. These individuals embody the University values of care, justice, leadership, faith, and diversity through service in spiritual, artistic, recreational, educational, social justice or other upstanding areas. Recipients better the quality of life around them through service. Service can be provided through their professional or volunteer roles.