Alumni Engagement Staff

Photo of Jonathan Brown, EdD, ‘92, ‘94

Jonathan Brown, EdD, ‘92, ‘94

Assistant Vice President

Phone: 206.296.5570

Photo of Corinne Pann

Corinne Pann

Director, Marketing & Communications

Phone: 206.296.6236

Photo of Dale Yee

Dale Yee

Assistant Director, Marketing & Communications

Phone: 206.296.6157

Photo of Bianca Galam, M.Ed. '19

Bianca Galam, M.Ed. '19

Assistant Director of Alumni Communities

Phone: 206.220.8566

Photo of Stephanie Jamieson

Stephanie Jamieson

Assistant Director of Mission, Spirituality and Vocation

Phone: 206.296.6040

Photo of Katie Powers, '08

Katie Powers, '08

Assistant Director of Alumni Engagement Analytics and Operations

Phone: 206.296.6021

Photo of Margaret Neitzel, '19

Margaret Neitzel, '19

Director of Annual Giving

Phone: 206.296.2332

Photo of Ali (Davidson) Bessee

Ali (Davidson) Bessee

Assistant Director of Annual Giving

Phone: 206.296.6152

Photo of Isabel Velez

Isabel Velez

Senior Advancement Assistant

Phone: 206.296.6301

Photo of Sophia Scheer

Sophia Scheer

Annual Giving Coordinator

Phone: 206-296-6140

Photo of Allie Wood

Allie Wood

Operations Coordinator

Phone: 206.296.6162

Photo of Fr. Dave Anderson, S.J.

Fr. Dave Anderson, S.J.

Chaplain for Alumni

Phone: 206.296.6341