Spirituality and Jesuit Identity

The Seattle University educational experience prepares students to be leaders who serve the common good through the lens of Jesuit values and social justice. We support alumni in their efforts to continue exploring their commitment to the Seattle U mission and a desire for Ignatian spirituality.

Ignatian Spirituality Center logo

Ignatian Spirituality Center

The Seattle University Alumni Association is officially partnering with the Ignatian Spirituality Center (ISC) to offer Ignatian and Jesuit Catholic program offerings directly to alumni. The ISC offers a wide variety of programs and retreats which aim to meet people of all faith traditions wherever they are in their spiritual journey and to help them deepen and explore their relationship with God.

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Jesuit Friends & Alumni Network 

Jesuit Friends and Alumni Network (JFAN) groups are located in cities around the country, providing networking and fellowship opportunities for alumni of Jesuit high schools and universities who want to learn more about Ignatian spirituality. 

Each city operates its own events. Learn about JFAN events near you.

Interior of the Ecumenical chapel at Seattle University

Prayer Room & Ecumenical Chapel

Inside Seattle U’s Campion Tower, the Multifaith Prayer Room and Ecumenical Chapel offer quiet places for reflection and prayer for all faith traditions. Map

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