Alumni Blog: Mary Jane Brogan: Paying It Forward

Mary Jane Brogan: Paying It Forward

Posted by Seattle University Alumni Association on Monday, September 25, 2023 at 3:04 PM PDT


At Seattle U, we think of each alum as “one of our own.” With Mary Jane Brogan, ’09, that sentiment is felt in triplicate. Not only does she hold a master’s degree in organizational design, but she’s also a proud parent of an SU psychology graduate. And to top it off, Brogan works as a paralegal at the School of Law.  

“I wanted to be at an academic institution because I love education,” she says. “Seattle U was the perfect fit.”

As her relationship with SU grew and evolved, Brogan resolved to become a Sustaining Supporter by giving back through monthly automated payments to support the School of Law Annual Fund for Excellence.

A Sustaining Supporter commits to giving a fixed amount monthly designated to funds or areas that resonate with them. Unlike one-time gifts, sustaining support reduces the need for solicitations, which cuts down on operational costs. This ensures that a more significant portion of contributions goes directly to aiding our students, enabling them to thrive in their educational pursuits. Sustaining Supporters also provide predictable giving for the university, which allows SU to better anticipate and meet the needs of our students.

Becoming a sustaining supporter is also an eco-conscious choice that aligns with university values. By receiving all communications digitally, the need for paper is reduced, printing costs are negated, and payment processing is streamlined. This, in turn, helps to reduce carbon emissions associated with traditional mail and communication methods.

“It’s not so much the amount,” Brogan reflects, “but the intention behind the action. I decided to give because it made sense. I can’t do my job without students!”

One of the defining qualities of giving is providing love, care and emotional support. For Brogan, the giving of financial support is exactly that, but with an added emphasis on expressing gratitude, trust and joy.

“What I’ve gotten back is immeasurable compared to what I’ve given,” she says. “By being here at SU, I’ve received unsurpassed love and kindness throughout the years.”

In addition to financial support, Brogan takes it upon herself to enthusiastically mentor Law School students. She coaches, provides moral support and helps prepare them for some of the unexpected challenges of the legal profession. She finds joy in her work by connecting with the students and providing guidance and moral support as they navigate their way through law school and beyond.

“I call myself the lawyer whisperer. The beauty of my work is that every semester I get new students. It replenishes itself in a way,” Mary Jane said. “I am engaged in the alumni community and see that the work we do has really affected their life.”

Learn more about being a Sustaining Supporter here.