Sustaining Supporters are leading the charge for positive, lasting change—at SU and in our world.

More Sustainable for You

Monthly giving is easy and budget-friendly.

Sign up in minutes with our online giving form or payroll deduction form (for employees).

More Sustainable for the University

Your dollar stretches further when you are a Sustaining Supporter.

You receive less solicitations than donors who make one-time gifts. This reduces operations costs so that more money can be preserved for our students!

More Sustainable for the Environment

Monthly giving is the eco-friendly way to give.

All of your Sustaining Supporters communications are digital, reducing paper and printing/processing carbon emissions.


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Faculty and staff giving

Faculty and Staff make Seattle University tick. They uplift our community in every way possible—providing world-class teaching, maintaining our beautiful campus, building essential services for students, parents and alumni, and more. They infuse our mission with life!

By becoming a payroll donor—and a Sustaining Supporter by extension—faculty and staff can further amplify their impact, pledging a fraction of their monthly earnings to the area on campus closest to their heart. Every pledge—no matter how small—will stretch our mission from foundation to future and lead the charge for positive, lasting change.

To become a payroll donor, please take five minutes to fill out this payroll deduction form and submit it to

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Sustaining Supporters know that every month they’re making a difference by stretching our mission from foundation to future, and empowering champions for a just and humane world. Read first-hand accounts about the transformative impact of giving.

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Majd Baniodeh, ‘11

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Lorraine Davis, ’18

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Alex Levinson, ’18

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