Web Governance Model

Web Governance Model

A small Web Team cannot do it all. We are proposing the University implement a coordinated governance model in which editors across campus will be empowered with the tools and resources to be successful stewards of the website, but select sections of the website that are critical to the high-level marketing functions of the University becomes centralized within theMarCom Web Team. The Seattle U MarCom Web Team, as primary owner of web publishing at Seattle University, will continue to own responsibility for training, documentation, and fostering opportunities for peer support, with the goal of fostering a community, establishing standards, and creating resources to support authors when the Web Team team cannot.

proposed governance model

We envision content governance as a 3-tiered system:

  • The Web Governance Board guides the overarching strategy for the website and sets priorities for content development.
  • The Director of Web Strategy and Development role along with the Web Team is responsible for authoritative content, oversees content approval and publishing as needed.
  • Editors* and publishers* are trained and empowered to update areas of the website using workflow procedures to which they are assigned ownership, which will be defined and enforced by MarCom.
    • *The Web Team will identify a limited number of individuals from departments across campus who can commit to regular website maintenance. The Web Team will partner with the individuals’ supervisors as an opportunity to build support and community around the new governance efforts.

The Web Team will engage in a campus-wide effort to evangelize about the website, create community and support structures, and establish training modules. These efforts will continue as the governance model is implemented.

It’s important to note the ongoing influence of various parties across campus, including school leadership, directors, and content subject-matter experts. It will be important, through this process, to steer their influence through the designated bodies and roles.

Governance Structure Overview

governance structure overview