Roles and Responsibilities

Roles and Responsibilities

The recommended roles structure accounts for online (CMS-based) and offline (influence-based) aspects of web content management. The TerminalFour CMS Groups and Roles functions will be used to determine user access to specific areas within the site and define which tasks a user can complete. The online and offline roles described below are intended to succinctly yet comprehensively represent the key functions that individuals at Seattle University may play in the web content management process.

A coordinated governance structure requires partnership across different roles with defined responsibilities. These roles include:

Web Governance Board

Starting in March – April.

The Web Governance Board (WGB) will communicate institutional priorities and strategy to influence decision-making about digital strategy.

Conversely, the WGB will reinforce the overall digital decision-making authority of the Director of Web Strategy and Development and  Web Team in line with established standards and strategy. Group consulted as needs warrant.

Proposed Membership

  • Assistant Vice President University Events and Advancement Marketing
  • Associate Provost for Graduate, Online and Professional Education
  • CMO and Associate Vice President for Marketing
  • Director of Web Strategy and Development
  • Provost (ex officio)
  • Senior Director of Strategic Communications
  • Vice President of Finance, Chief Financial Officer
  • Vice President of University Affairs
  • Vice Provost for Enrollment Management
  • Vice Provost for Information Technology, Chief Information Officer


  • Strategic Oversight
    • Provide guidance on institutional priorities, business goals, strategic direction, brand and communication priorities, budget considerations, or resource needs in order to sustain a goal-driven website;
    • Relay directives or needs from executive leadership;
    • Reference established measurement frameworks and dashboards as a guide for understanding and making decisions that affect the website.
  • Advocacy and Education
    • Support everyday decision-making by Seattle U Web Team designed to enforce this policy; ensure decisions align with institutional priorities;
    • Educate and inform relevant constituents and stakeholders about the publishing process and overall digital strategy.
  • Management and Administration
    • Field and review high-level requests from administrative and academic stakeholders against defined strategic and quality standards;
    • Arbitrate governance compliance issues, if necessary;
    • Determines which web properties are considered Core (prospect-facing) or non-Core (more internal-facing).

Web Team

Day-to-day decision-making and publishing unit for Led by the web editor-in-chief, the team ensures the website functions as an effective tool in Seattle University's overall communications strategy through publishing oversight, resource management, internal advocacy, brand and style stewardship, and consultation with data. This unit acts as the ultimate approver/publisher for all authoritative and core content.

Content Publishers

Content Publishers are trained and empowered to manage areas of the website to which they are assigned ownership, which will be defined and enforced by the Web Team. Publishers are empowered to independently publish content live to the website, without review by the Web Team. Some Publishers may review and publish content created by Content Editors.

Content Editors

Content Editors across campus are trained and empowered to update areas of the website to which they are assigned ownership, which will be defined and enforced by the Web Team. Content Editors across the school are responsible for writing and editing content subject to review by the Web Team.

Content Contributors

Content contributors are subject matter experts and relevant domain stakeholders who do not have any access to the CMS, but may have information to share or updates to request. They may work in partnership with the Content Editors and Publishers in their units to provide relevant information. If the unit does not have any Content Editors or Publishers, then the Web Team team plays an operational role, building and updating their web content on their behalf.

Web Content Community

The Seattle University Web Content Community brings together individuals across campus who are invested in web content, connecting them to institutional standards, processes, and training — as well as to one another for support (technical and moral) and guidance. It is facilitated by the Seattle U Web Team.

The goals of the Content Community are:

  • Develop more educated and invested web editors
  • Develop stronger relationships between Seattle U Web Team and web editors through knowledge and support
  • Reinforce best practices, brand awareness, and consistent publishing process, bringing shared web governance to life through collective intelligence.

The Content Community section includes recommendations on promoting membership, engagement, and more.

Together, these roles form the Web Content Community.