Types of Content

Authoritative Content

Maintaining a brand-focused, clear website requires defining and centrally managing key content areas. Publishing access to certain sections of www.seattleu.edu is, as a matter of policy, strictly limited to specific editors and publishers because of the strategic value of their content and the critical business need to ensure content quality and accuracy. This is essential for reducing site bloat and curbing duplicative content. These sections are deemed authoritative content.

Generally speaking, the Director of Web Strategy and Development is the owner accountable for authoritative content. Other departments and units at Seattle University, unless specifically granted permission by the Web Team, should be prohibited from re-creating information that appears within sections of authoritative content on their own sections, in order to avoid posting conflicting or duplicate information on www.seattleu.edu. Content found to be in violation will be removed.

Authoritative content on www.seattleu.edu includes:

  • Homepage
  • Top-level marketing sections
  • All top landing pages, such as Visit, Apply, About, Academics, Student Life, Admissions, Tuition and Aid
  • Second-level pages in Academics
  • Colleges and Schools, Undergraduate Majors and Degrees, Graduate Programs and Degrees, Online Programs
  • Second-level pages in Admissions
  • Transfer Students, First-Year Applicants, Undergraduate Admissions, SU Impact, International Students, Graduate Admissions
  • Second-level pages in Tuition and Aid
  • Financial Aid, Student Financial Services, Costs, Scholarships and Grants
  • News and Events
  • Select second-level pages, including:
    • Housing and Residence Life
    • Getting to Seattle University
    • Campus Tours
    • Centers and Institutes
    • Program/major/minor listing and detail pages
  • Policies
  • Taxonomy
  • Headers, Footer, and Global calls to action

Authoritative content partnerships with other groups

Admissions, Financial Aid, and Tuition & Fees

Designated content publishers within the Admissions and Financial Aid teams, in close consultation with the Director of Web Strategy and Development, share responsibility for mission-critical content within the Admissions and Financial Aid sections, such as:

  • Application requirements and deadlines
  • Admission requirements and standards
  • Tuition and fees
  • Information request form
  • Campus visits
  • Financial aid deadlines, policies, and protocols

The Web Team will work with these content publishers to ensure this content is updated in a timely and accurate fashion, in line with overall site strategy and school branding priorities. 

Core Content

All Core content that falls outside the purview of authoritative content as defined by the Web Team will be managed by that section’s designated Content Editor, and reviewed by the Moderator and Web Team before publishing live to the website; non-Core content will be the responsibility of the assigned Content Publisher. The Web Team will track ownership to ensure all sections of the site are owned and actively managed by a trained Content Editor.

Core content on www.seattleu.edu includes:

  • Any page within the main site navigation that is not considered authoritative content as defined above.


Non-core content is managed by content editors/publishers in partnership with the Web Editor-in-Chief/Web Team, who has final accountability over this content and its presentation.

Non-core content on www.seattleu.edu includes:

  • Office, department, school and center detail pages.