Third-Party Access to Information in Your Educational Record

What is Third Party/Proxy Access?

Federal regulations (FERPA) guarantee a student’s right to privacy when it comes to his or her educational records, which includes academic and financial components. However, students at Seattle University can choose to allow a third party to access portions of their record as described below.

Check out this helpful video for step-by-step instructions for giving a family member or supporter access.

There are two types of required access that students may give to family members or supporters in order for them to have the ability to speak to SFS about the student's account and to see financial information online.

Financial Aid Information

Students have the ability to designate a third party as a “proxy” with the ability to log in to view their financial aid information or speak to Student Financial Services.  Students wishing to grant this access should do the following:

  1. Log in to SU Online
  2. Navigate to the Students menu
  3. Under Financial Aid, select Financial Aid Self Service Portal
  4. Select your username at the top right of the screen, and then View/Add Proxy Access from the dropdown menu
  5. Follow the directions on the screen to “add a proxy,” making sure to choose the types of access you wish to grant
  6. Read the disclosure agreement and select the box if you agree to the terms
  7. Click Save

The person designated as a Proxy for financial aid information will receive two emails – one with instructions on how to complete the set-up process and another with a temporary password.  If speaking with Seattle University about your financial aid information, they will be required to provide your Seattle U ID as a security measure.

Viewing Account Balances, Paying Bills, and Viewing Tax Information – Student Account Center

Students can authorize a third party to be an “authorized user” to view account balances, pay bills, and view tax documents in the Student Account Center. 

Students wishing to set up a user to access their account in the Student Account Center should:

  1. Log in to SU Online
  2. Navigate to the Students menu
  3. Under Student Billing and Payment, select Student Account Center (Bills, Payment, Deposits).  The Student Account Center will open in a new tab
  4. Select Authorized User, and follow the instructions to add a Proxy.  If successful, the next screen will show a permission summary confirmation

The person designated as an authorized user for the Student Account Center will immediately receive two emails – one with a user name and another with a temporary password.


Information for Proxies and Authorized Users Only

Financial Aid Information

Third Party Proxy: Setting Up Your Financial Aid Proxy for the First Time

  1. Follow this link to get to the Self Service Portal login screen. You can save this link for future reference.
  2. Enter the username and temporary password that you received in separate emails from
  3. Follow the directions to create a new password
  4. Each time you log in you will be asked if you want to view your account or the account of your student. To view their financial aid information, select your student’s name.  To reset your own log-in password, select your name.

Third Party Proxy: To Change/Reset Your Password to the Financial Aid Self Service Portal

  1. Email or call the Office of the Registrar, 206 220-8030.
  2. If emailing, make sure to send the email from the account where you originally received your login information. Include your name, username, student’s name, and student’s Seattle U ID in the body of the email.
  3. If calling, be prepared to give your account’s associated email address as well as the above information.

Student Account Center

Authorized User: Accessing Student Account Center for the First Time

  1. Follow this link to the Student Account Center
  2. Log in using your email address and temporary password (use the email address where you received your password)
  3. Follow the directions to set up your profile and create a new password

Authorized User: Forgotten Password for Student Account Center

  1. Follow this link to the Student Account Center
  2. Enter the email address associated with your account into the Email box
  3. Select the word “emailed” from the sentence in the green “Forgot your password?” box.

You will receive an email with instructions on how to reset your password


Third Party Access to Academic Records

Students can authorize Seattle University to discuss specific information from their academic records with a third party (such as a parent): grades, gpa, program(s) of study, attendance (when tracked), advisor, enrolled classes, academic standing, and class level.  Before discussing the academic record, authorized third parties will be required to provide the student’s Seattle U ID as a security measure.  Students interested in providing this access can click here for more information.

Third Party Proxy Guide
Questions about your Third Party Access?

For questions regarding Financial Aid Information please contact, Student Financial Services at 206.220.8020 or email them at 

 For questions regarding Academic Records please contact, the Office of the Registrar and Operations at 206.220.8030 or email them at