How Students are Billed

In mid-August, notifications are sent to the SU email addresses of students who have registered for fall quarter classes, advising them that  their fall quarter eStatements are available at SUOnline, via Student Account Center. Third Party Proxy users will also get a copy of this email. 

For other quarters, invoices become available approximately one week after pre-registration opens to any student who has registered for classes for that quarter.  A monthly eStatement is generated and an emails is sent to students and Authorized Users moving forward each month (even if the balance has been paid in full).  These eStatements are a snapshot in time and do not necessarily reflect current account balances. 

Notifications continue to be sent to students' SU email addresses when there has been a change in their balance due, causing a revised account activity to be available on the Student Account Center. A Student's Account Activity is live information that will update immediately after any account changes or payments have been made.