Forms & Guidelines

Please note: Seattle University has shifted to Curriculog for curriculum proposals, starting Fall Quarter 2022. Please see the Curriculog page for more guidance and resources.

To make a curriculum proposal and a change to the Academic Catalog, complete and submit the appropriate Curriculum Proposal Form on Curriculog. For University Core curriculum forms, please visit the University Core website.

Use Curriculog to create a new degree program or major, minor, specialization, or certificate 

As part of the Reignited Strategic Directions, the Goal 1.2 WG, charged with reimagining the academic review and assessment process, has developed a blueprint to revise the new program proposal process. Central to this project has been bringing greater coordination and transparency to the process, timeline, products, and implementation/launch. This new three-phased process will be facilitated by Curriculog to ensure transparency of information and a single source of proposal data accessible for all stakeholders throughout the multi-phased process. This revised process brings into greater alignment processes that are already part of Seattle University’s practices.

If you are submitting a proposal for a new program or major (to start AY25-26), you will follow a three-phased process:

Phase 1) New Program Concept form (submit by May 1, 2024) | Proposes high-level concept for new program.

Phase 2) Notice of Intent/Financial Viability Study | Collects data and reviews market demand and financial viability of new program concept.

Phase 3) New Program Proposal | Collects curricular information and program data, including summaries of information reviewed and approved in Phase 1 and Phase 2, for review as part of a faculty-led review process. New degree program proposals must go before the Program Review CommitteeAcademic Assembly, the Provost, the Board of Trustees, and the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities (NWCCU) and will be presented at the next available meetings after review by the Office of the Provost. Please see the New Program Development Timeline for a recommended timeline for program development.

Note: proposals for new undergraduate programs will not be received during AY23.


For more information, please contact John Fleming, Director for Curricular Policy and Programs.