MPS Device Change/Request

MPS Device Change/Request

When do I need to fill out a device change spreadsheet?

Any time you are adding, removing, or moving an MPS printer. Device types include Sharp multi-function devices (MFDs) and desktop HP printers (regular printers).


Download the Device Relocation Spreadsheet. Updated: 6/23/2021 (now includes SINE building)

Submit to the Service Desk when complete.

Note: please always start from this page rather than downloading and reusing the relocation form as it may have changed since last use.

Completion Details

  • Fill in the name of the group requesting the change (i.e. Admissions, Arts & Sciences, Wood Shop, etc.)
  • Enter the date on or by which you would like the change to occur
  • Enter today's date under "date modified"
  • Fill in the details under the yellow banner up to the thick line (the remaining fields are for internal use). Clarifications:
    • If a cell becomes blacked out, it is not relevant to the change type selected
    • MPS Printer Tag: the equipment ID/"GS" number/asset number. Look for the following label on the front of the device and enter exactly as displayed:
    • Device type: a multi-function device (MFD) refers to the Sharp copiers; regular printer refers to desktop HP printers
    • Jack #: can be found be inspecting the wall outlet the device is plugged into as showne here:
  • Save the spreadsheet to your computer and attach to an email to the Help Desk

How are Printer Locations Determined?

  • Monthly output volumes
  • Number of users
  • Suitability of location including:
    • ADA compliance
    • Fire code compliance
    • Data/power availability
    • Ventilation
    • Safety Concerns
  • Device availability

How long does it take to process a request?

Requests typically take up to five (5) business days to process from the date a completed Device Relocation Spreadsheet is submitted. You can reduce the processing time by ensuring all the required data is provided in the spreadsheet. MPS will then contact you to confirm additional details. To ensure your request is completed by a specified date please submit it as early as possible and specify the date on which you need the change to be completed.