MPS Print Group: a group in the Outlook address book linked to an activity string whose members gain access to that activity string for printing charges. Note: these groups are utilized by faculty, staff, and student employees who do work-related printing; personal printing to one's personal account requires no additional setup.

Print Group Member: a user with membership to one or more MPS print groups who then has the option to select from these groups when utilizing self-serve printing services in order to allocate charges to them, rather than to their personal account.

Print Administrator: manages MPS print group membership and is automatically added to the usage email distribution list (as a usage auditor). Note: print administrators need not also be print group members, which is a separate role.

Usage Email Distribution List: links usage auditors to activity strings for distribution of monthly usage memos. Note: this list is used to distribute usage memos for both MPS and postage.

Usage Auditor: an individual on the usage email distribution list who will receive usage memos monthly for both MPS and postage use, per each activity string they are linked to in the list. Note: a print administrator is automatically also a usage auditor.

MPS Printer: nearly all printing devices on campus are MPS printers including Sharp multi-function devices and desktop HP printers. MPS printers will be labeled with an asset tag consisting of "GS" followed by three numbers (i.e. "GS101"). Exception policy can be found at MPS Exceptions.

MFD/MFP (Multi-Function Device/Printer): multi-function devices provide many functions for users including printing, copying, scanning, and more. SU utilizes Sharp MFDs on campus which can be accessed through the SU-Print-Queue.

Non-Standard User: an individual who is not faculty, staff, or student who needs access to printing services. These users are not automatically added to the system and must be identified by their print administrator when requesting access. These users include:

  • Guests
  • Vendors
  • Volunteers
  • Temporary staff
  • Emeritus faculty
  • Student employee SE accounts
  • Etc.