Roles and Responsibilities

Who is Responsible for MPS?

Reprographic and Mailing Services

Reprographics is responsible for overall program management. This includes:

Copiers Northwest

Copiers Northwest (CNW) is the hardware/software vendor. CNW posts two full-time staff members onsite responsible for:

  • Maintaining printers in working order
  • Delivering consumables, such as paper and toner
  • Training (can be requested through the Help Desk)

Information Technology Services

ITS provides technical support including:

  • Configuring workstations and deploying software
  • Maintaining data lines to devices
  • Maintaining servers for the software and print queues


MPS needs help from users to keep the program successful. You can help us serve you by:

  • Submitting service requests when issues arise to the Help Desk (206-296-5571)
  • Taking a survey

More roles, such as Print Administrator, are defined at Printing Definitions.