Goals and Successes

Why MPS?

The university adopted this program motivated by the following goals:


  • Reduce environmental impacts of the manufacturing process and power consumption resulting from high volume of under-utilized devices through compact, intelligent printer density
  • Reduce paper consumption by:
    • Increasing access to scanning
    • Eliminating pages printed in error
    • Sensitizing users to the true cost of printing so they can make wise choices about what is necessary to print
  • Reduced power consumption by using newer, more energy efficient devices
  • Reduced landfill by eliminating ink jet cartridges along with their packaging and by recycling toner cartridges

Ease of Use

  • Increase access to devices by deploying to more public spaces available to students
  • Adopt a single print queue so users always know which driver to use no matter where they are
  • Improve reliability:
    • If your favorite printer is out of paper or down for maintenance, you can visit any nearby machine (“every printer is your printer”)
    • On-site and on-call technical experts available to keep all printers operational
  • Boost access to scanning services through multi-function devices (MFDs) for free!
  • Increase user options for submitting prints through:
    • Mobile printing
    • Print from the web
    • Email to Print

Cost Savings

  • Eliminate ink jet printing, the most expensive way to print, and old inefficient laser printing
  • Reduce power costs through more efficient devices
  • Reduce paper costs through behavior changes

What are the Successes of MPS?

Since implementation of the program in 2015, the university has achieved:

  • More than a 70% reduction in printer density
  • A 40% reduction in monthly printing volumes
  • Minimized the need for staff to manage inventory of printing supplies
  • Eliminated the need for staff to research and procure printing supplies/equipment
  • Ensured students, faculty, and staff are able to release prints from any location
  • Simplified printing through a standard process