Program Exceptions

MPS Program Exception Policy

Seattle University utilizes a Managed Print Service that provides self-serve duplication and scanning functionality through copiers and printers across campus, excluding the School of Law.

The purchase or reimbursement of printers and toner/ink supplies is restricted. Printing needs not covered by the program may be eligible for an exception and require approval before equipment and supplies may be purchased/reimbursed.

Printers not part of the program without an approved exception will not be supported by the university in any way, including:

  • University funds cannot be used to purchase equipment or supplies
    • ProcureSU cannot be used for these items
    • Pro Card purchases will be rejected
    • Reimbursements will be denied
  • ITS will not service malfunctioning machines not in the program
  • ITS will not configure devices not in the program
  • ITS will not network devices not in the program

Request an MPS Exception

MPS exceptions are granted for individual devices in a specified location for an approved business need. Exceptions are not transferable and a new exception must be approved if a device is upgraded, changed, moved, or the business need changes.

To request a new or update an existing exception, please fill out the MPS Program Exception Request form.

Make a Purchase for an Excepted Printer

Please submit the device location, make/model, and device serial number to Procurement or the Controller's Office along with the purchase request.