Learning Assistance Programs Values

  • Welcome all students and care for each as a valued member of the Seattle University community
  • Attend to the development of the whole student with positive support
  • Provide high quality services, programming and resources for students
  • Improve programs continuously through assessment and evaluation
  • Appreciate and promote diversity and justice
  • Value the unique gifts and work style of each staff member
  • Commit to an open and honest working and learning staff community
  • Contribute to decision-making discussions and listen to the voices of others
  • Enjoy collegiality based on mutual care and fun
  • Value student workers and develop their leadership potential
  • Work collaboratively in campus-wide partnerships
  • Promote Seattle University's mission, vision, and goals

Campus Contact Information

Lemieux Library and McGoldrick Learning Commons - 2nd floor
Phone: (206) 398-4450
Email: learningassistance@seattleu.edu
Mailing Address:
901 12th Ave
P.O. Box 222000
Seattle, WA 98122

Comments or Concerns? Contact Us.

Learning Assistance Programs aims to provide students with an experience that strongly supports their academic success. It is our hope that individuals have a productive experience with our resources, however, want to provide the opportunity to gather input if this was not the case. If you have a concern which you would like addressed, please complete the form below and we will respond to you within 2-3 business days.  We work to resolve student complaints in a timely and efficient manner.