Group Study


Facilitated Study Groups offer students opportunities to collaborate with peers and trained student facilitators to study class materials and practice essential skills for targeted courses. Student facilitators work with faculty to identify key topics and develop learning activities that strengthen student understanding of course content. Students will also learn helpful approaches for studying materials and preparing for exams.

Language Conversation Groups provide small groups of students in select language courses opportunities to strengthen their speaking and listening skills by working with trained student group leaders. Group leaders collaborate with faculty to identify conversation topics and key skills for students to practice. Students will also learn helpful strategies for language learning. Information about Conversation Group times and locations is available through professors or on class Canvas sites.



Being confident on multiple choice tests, talking through biology concepts, good study habits, learning strategies, ways to prepare for an exam, and so much more. The study groups are the reason I could succeed in this course.

SeattleU Student

The best aspect of my study group was being able to have specific problems helped because they were usually on the tougher topics. I also liked having the group setting for us classmates to collaborate and share ideas when we were stuck.

SeattleU Student