Learning Strategy Workshops

Workshops to Supplement Your Learning

Learning Assistance Programs offers a series of Learning Strategy workshops for the campus community to engage in ideas and resources that contribute to their overall academic success. Join us in various opportunities each quarter in learning strategies that will enrich our Seattle U community.

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This workshop was EXTREMELY useful to attend. It was an information-filled, high-quality presentation. I'm planning to use this Thanksgiving break to look into scholarships and then reach out if necessary.

SeattleU student

This workshop completely changed my responses to how I work with my own ADD as a student. It also catalyzed me toward doing serious research on how ADD is treated without fragmentation, and has changed how I approach the children and families I serve in my clinical counseling internship who need help with ADD

SeattleU student

Asynchronous Learning Strategy Workshops

Our learning strategy workshops series provides study strategies and guidance to ensure you are well-equipped to tackle the ins and outs of university life. Our asynchronous series ensures that you have access to these helpful workshops anywhere and anytime that fits your schedule. To help us improve this series, please fill out this anonymous Evaluation Form after watching our videos.


Enhancing Mental Focus and Well-Being


Having a mind is hard, but it can get easier with practice. Learn new, science-backed mental strategies to help manage your thinking. Struggles with procrastination, self-criticism, and worrying often reflect mental habits, rather than unchangeable parts of your personality. It's possible to build more attention, mental control, motivation, and self-encouragement. Learn specific skills to make lasting mental changes. This workshop will be facilitated by clinical psychologist and psychology professor, Dr. Rachel Turow.

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Succeeding in College with ADHD


In this workshop facilitated by biology professor, Dr. Laura Austin, students will learn about some of the biology behind Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), and how to find ways to succeed academically that work with the unique way an ADHD brain processes information.​​​​​​​​

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Bullet Journaling


Bullet journaling is not only an organizational method and tool, but it is also a way to incorporate daily reflection into your planner. This workshop will go over how to start your bullet journal, including the necessary materials and how to create your spreads. We'll also learn how you can make your bullet journal fit your needs and help you accomplish your goals.

Additional Resources for Bullet Journaling:

Time Management


See our Learning Resources page for handouts and more regarding Time Management