Learning Strategy Workshops

Workshops to Supplement Your Learning

Learning Assistance Programs offers a series of Learning Strategy workshops for the campus community to engage in ideas and resources that contribute to their overall academic success. Join us in various opportunities each quarter in learning strategies that will enrich our Seattle U community.

Times and dates for the upcoming workshops

Where Does the Time Go? Time Management Workshop
Date and Time: Tuesday, January 24 from 3-4PM
Location: LEML366
Description: Start the quarter right by learning how to prevent procrastination by taking charge of your own time! Learn how to manage your time to keep up with your personal interests and academic life. No RSVPs required, join us with one of our Learning Specialists, Jada Mendoza in this informative workshop.

Strengthening your Financial Future: How Can I Pay for Seattle U?
Date and Time: Wednesday, January 25 from 3-4PM
Location: LEML366
Description: Come and learn best practices on how to fund your education at SU through learning how to apply for scholarships, learn budgeting tips, and the best ways to navigate the financial aid office. Join us and participate in this interactive workshop hosted by Student Persistence!

I Can Do This! Succeeding in College with ADHD
Date and Time: Thursday, Feb 9 from 12:30-1:30pm 
Location: LEML366
Description: In this workshop facilitated by biology professor, Dr. Laura Austin, students will learn about some of the biology behind Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), and how to find ways to succeed academically that work with the unique way an ADHD brain processes information.

Managing Stress, Learning Self-Care and the Window of Tolerance
Date and Time: Tuesday, Feb 14 from 3-4PM
Location: LEML366
Description: In this workshop, learn to have a stronger grasp of your capacity to effectively manage stress by understanding your window of tolerance (and what that means!). Join us in creating a concrete self-care plan that suits your specific needs.

Preparing for Finals
Thursday, February 21 from 12:30-1:30PM
Location: LEML366
Description: Learning Assistance Programs is here to help prepare for finals! Join LAP to learn study tips and strategies that can help you achieve your academic goals for finals week and beyond. 

This workshop was EXTREMELY useful to attend. It was an information-filled, high-quality presentation. I'm planning to use this Thanksgiving break to look into scholarships and then reach out if necessary.

SeattleU student

This workshop completely changed my responses to how I work with my own ADD as a student. It also catalyzed me toward doing serious research on how ADD is treated without fragmentation, and has changed how I approach the children and families I serve in my clinical counseling internship who need help with ADD

SeattleU student
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