Individual Consultations

Individual Consultation Appointment (ICA)


Schedule an appointment with a Learning Specialist to learn more about how to improve the results of your study efforts. Learn techniques to manage your time and the demands of your classes, ways to get more from your reading, techniques for effective review, and methods of study for specific subjects such as physics, chemistry, philosophy, math, statistics, etc.


Click HERE for video instructions on how to sign up for an ICA on TutorTrac. 


Some common questions that students ask during ICAs include:


  • How can I read more efficiently and remember more?
  • How can I focus better when I am studying?
  • What are some alternatives to my current notetaking method?
  • How I can manage my time better?
  • How can I reduce my anxiety about exams?

LAP can help you discover personalized answers to the questions above and more. Additionally, we can we can utilize various tools to help you assess perceived strengths and areas for improvement in your overall study habits. Focusing on using learning strengths results in smart approaches.


How can I prepare for my ICA?


In order to make the most out of your scheduled individual session, some things to think about before your meeting could include:

  • What do you hope to accomplish during the session?
  • What are your current study habits?
  • What are you already doing well?
  • What skills do you need to develop in order to be academically successful?
  • What is your current mindset about your role in your academic success?