Programs and Research

Seattle University is involved with a variety of different programs and research throughout the world.

Global Grants

This program supports new initiatives that will make an ongoing contribution to the global mission of Seattle University. The primary focus is on developing and funding faculty-led study that engages SU students in meaningful experiential learning with NGO partners in international locations. Experiential international learning gives students hands-on, practical experience so that they develop the capabilities to understand and adapt to an international environment, such as service learning, applied projects, and internships.

The Global Grant program is coordinated by the Office of Global Engagement and the Global Advisory Team, a committee of representatives from each college/school and partner offices across campus. Awards are funded by designated grant money. To apply for a Global Grant, please submit a Global Grants AY20 Application. If you have any questions regarding the program, you may contact Andrew Asplund, the Global Engagement Program Manager, at

SU Around the World

Seattle University faculty, staff, and students engage in different research and teaching projects in many different countries in the world. These projects include student and faculty Fulbright Scholars, programs funded internally by our own Global Grant program, and collaborative exchange programs with our partner universities across the globe.

This map shows some of the different projects and programs involving Seattle University faculty, staff, and students. Although it is not complete or comprehensive, it illustrates the nature and breadth of SU's global outreach.