India Initiative

Following the model established with the Central America Initiative, Seattle University began building relationships with scholars and universities in India. Our most significant relationship to date has been with St. Joseph's College (Autonomous), a Jesuit college in Bangalore, India.

Seattle University Biology professors meet with Biology and Biotechnology professors at St. Joseph's College.

In October 2015, St. Joseph's College professor Cheriyan Alexander came to Seattle University and gave a presentation about the works of RK Narayan and Satyajit Ray. In Winter 2016, Father Richie Rego taught a class in the film studies department at Seattle University. Since those initial steps, faculty and staff from each university have visited the other to build new collaborative research opportunities and other avenues for exchange.

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When the heart is touched by direct experience, the mind may be challenged to change.

Fr. Peter-Hans Kolvenbach S.J.