University under Fire: Given the continuing political crisis in Nicaragua and how the government has been targeting the UCA-Managua for its critical stance, José Idiáquez, UCA-Managua president, and the CAI Faculty Coordinator conceived of a new book project, University under Fire: Higher Education, Repression, and the Neoliberal Era in Nicaragua, and invited Dr. Silber from City College of New York to join as a contributing author and editor. This book includes chapters by the editors and chapter contributions from Nicaraguan counterparts and former students and will be published in 2022 by Routledge Press.

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Surviving the Americas: This collaborative research project brought together researchers from Nicaragua and Seattle to research and write this book about the Garifuna people of Nicaragua, who form part of the Central American, Afro-Indigenous people descended from shipwrecked West Africans and local Indigenous groups on the Caribbean island of St. Vincent. In this book, the authors shed light on what it means to be Garifuna in Nicaragua today and how Garifuna culture, traditions, and reverence for their ancestors persist.

Grandmothering of Nicaragua: UCA-Managua faculty and students along with SU faculty and students collaborated on a qualitative fieldwork project to document the effects of outbound emigration to Costa Rica. In-depth interviews generated important conclusions about the mixed impacts of migration, particularly how family care rests on the shoulders of grandmothers when they are left to care for their grandchildren.