Image for Women's Persistence and Resistance in Guatemala

Women's Persistence and Resistance in Guatemala

Persistence and Resistance: Women’s Leadership and Ending Gender-Based Violence in Guatemala

By Serena Cosgrove PhD and Kristi Lee PhD (2016)

Image for Outbound Migration in Nicaragua

Outbound Migration in Nicaragua

Trends of Migration and their Effects on Youth in Nicaragua

By Laura M. Bogart

SU grad 2017 

Wendi Bellanger & Serena Cosgrove

Presentation for the Jesuit Justice Conference 2021. The Case of the Universidad Centroamericana in Managua, Nicargua: Solidarity and struggle.  

Claire Garoutte, SU professor, visits El Salvador

Focused on the Sustainable Livelihoods Program in El Salvador as part of the sister parish relationship between St. Joe’s and San Bartolomé.


Central America and the role of the region’s three Jesuit Universities in times of COVID 

Soul Session

Focused on the importance of solidarity with Nicaragua, led by Serena Cosgrove