Faculty Affiliates Projects


Pejman Kadivi, PhD, Computer Science 


Pejman Khadivi is an Assistant Professor of Computer Science at Seattle University. He is also a member of Ethics and Technology. His current research focuses on "artificial emotions, human dignity, and AI" and examines how human dignity is violated when AI is used. His research revolves around human dignity which he thinks could be seriously affected in some applications if we use machines to deliver services instead of human providers. It may be possible to simulate real emotions, such as empathy, but it is impossible to experience true emotions. Internalizing empathy—which cannot be accomplished by a machine—is the only way real empathy can exist. Regardless of ethnicity, nation, social class, or any other attribute, every single person is entitled to the basic human right to dignity. He also intends to publish a journal article titled "Customer Service and the Impact of Using Machines to Substitute Humans on Human Dignity" (yet to be published).


Onur Bakiner, PhD, Political Science 

Et member

Onur Bakiner is an Associate professor of Political science at Seattle University. Currently, he has been conducting survey and interview research on the impact of artificial intelligence technologies on human rights. His article titled “What do Academics Say about Artificial Intelligence Ethics? An Overview of the Scholarship” has been published by AI and Ethics. He has written a white paper for the Center for Business Ethics at Seattle University that explores the different paths taken by the United States and the European Union as well as opportunities for cross-regional cooperation in the legal regulation of AI. He is currently working on an academic article that compares the ways lawmakers, businesses, NGOs, and academics envision the potential benefits and challenges arising from the European Union’s proposed AI Regulation. His book Truth Commissions: Memory, Power, and Legitimacy (the University of Pennsylvania Press, 2015) investigates the role truth commissions play in contemporary societies. It was awarded the Best Book Award by the Human Rights Section of the American Political Science Association in 2017. His articles have been published in the Journal of Comparative Politics, Annual Review of Law & Social Science, Negotiation Journal, Civil WarsJournal of Law and CourtsInternational Journal of Transitional Justice, Memory Studies, and Turkish Studies.