Rapid developments in digital technology–particularly in artificial intelligence, data collection, and cloud computing–bring an abundance of opportunities but also raise ethical challenges related to employment, health care, privacy, trust, safety, inclusiveness, and accountability. The Initiative in Ethics and Transformative Technologies will stimulate productive discussions about the human impact of transformative technologies and will produce educational resources and business certifications that contribute to the creation of a more just and humane world, a world in which everyone benefits from the opportunities these new technologies make possible.


Michael Quinn, Dean, College of Science and Engineering

Oversight Committee

Maria Carl, Chair, Department of Philosophy

Margaret Chon, Professor, School of Law

Richard Fehrenbacher, Director, Center for Digital Learning and Innovation

Richard LeBlanc, Professor, Department of Computer Science

Jeffery Smith, Director, Center for Business Ethics

Laura Vasilopoulos, Director, Corporate and Foundation Relations

Faculty Affiliates


Initial funding provided by Microsoft

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