Faculty Affiliates 2022-2023


Diane Switzer & Suzan Knowles,College of Nursing

                                                                                            hi    hi                      Diane Fuller Switzer and Suzan Griffis Knowles are Assistant Clinical Professors in the College of Nursing at Seattle University, and they both made equal contributions to the research study on Crisis Standards of Care Simulation. This research project describes the development of the circulation experience to improve AG-ACNPs' mastery of making ethical decisions and the availability of (AI) algorithms/triage protocols based on prognostication tools to help with these decisions. The creation of a simulation-based learning (SBL) experience that builds on the three graduate-level ethics courses that AG-ACNP students are obliged to take was triggered by the observation of an ethical knowledge gap found in the system. The authors suggest that the knowledge gap will be overcome by incorporating a crisis standard of care simulation into the AG-ACNP graduate nursing program. The research paper describes the development of a simulation experience to improve mastery of ethical decision-making in the AG-ACNP, including the table-top pilot, debriefing, and feedback from the current AG-ACNP pilot participant students.