Executive Director

Michael Quinn Thumbnail

Michael Quinn, Dean, College of Science and Engineering

Dr. Michael Quinn is a leader in the field of computer ethics. His textbook, Ethics for the Information Age, explores moral problems related to modern uses of information technology, such as privacy, intellectual property rights, computer security, and software reliability. The book, now in its eighth edition, has been adopted by more than 125 colleges and universities in the United States and many more internationally.

Managing Director

Nathan Colaner, PhD, MBA, Department of Management


Dr. Nathan Colaner is a Senior Instructor and Director of Business Analytics at Seattle University. He has also recently accepted the role of Managing Director of SU's Initiative in Ethics and Transformative Technologies. His recent research is on the ethical development of machine learning, specifically regarding the creation of explainable artificial intelligence. His teaching revolves around organizational ethics, focusing on the ethical implications of organizations' increasing reliance on digital technology. As a consultant, he works directly with business, government, military, and religious organizations to assess risk in implementing big data and AI solutions.


Oversight Committee

  • Maria Carl, Chair, Department of Philosophy
  • Richard Fehrenbacher, Director, Center for Digital Learning and Innovation
  • Richard LeBlanc, Professor, Department of Computer Science
  • Jeffery Smith, Director, Center for Business Ethics
  • Steven Tapia, Professor of Practice, School of Law
  • Christopher Van Liew, Chief Information Officer, Information Technology Services
  • Laura Vasilopoulos, Director, Corporate and Foundation Relations