Faculty Affiliates 2021-2022


Eric Severson, PhD, Religious Studies

facultyEric Severson is a well-known philosophical teacher from the year 2016 at Seattle University and resides in Washington, Kenmore. During his year in ET, he was working on a relevant book project; the sixth chapter of this book is particularly touched by the ET cohort. "A cohort of interdisciplinary scholars, sponsored by the Seattle University Ethics and Technology, provided helpful feedback on various chapters," he stated in the acknowledgments. A book entitled "Before Ethics" by the author was originally published on January 2021 which addresses important modern philosophical issues and has sparked a great deal of reader interest since it discusses how ingrained learnings and presumptions are always impacting when ethical reasoning is practiced. According to the author, it is impossible to make ethical decisions without first deconstructing the history, culture, and language which brings along problems like sexism, colonialism, and racism. Instead of putting forth a fresh ethical theory, this book adamantly maintains that ethics must address the causes of current suffering. This is an impatient novel.  It abandons passivity and neutrality and rushes toward ethics that work against racism, oppression, and justice.

Project Demonstration at Boston College