Celebration of Staff

Special Awards

Staff Leadership Awards

Recognizes two staff colleagues whose leadership has made a positive difference in the lives of members of our campus community (students, faculty and/or staff). Noteworthy are these persons demonstrated commitment to inclusive excellence and to the mission, vision, and values of Seattle University and its strategic directions.

Living the Mission Award

Recognizes an individual who exemplifies the University’s mission in outstanding ways, whether through their personal conduct, their treatment of others, or their life choices. 

This could especially include someone who:

  • Excels in any of the University's core values of care, learning, inclusion, faith, justice, and leadership;
  • Uplifts the wholeness and dignity of every person;
  • Works for the greater good in their community and world; and/or
  • Inspires others to carry out the mission in their own lives.

Shining Light Award

Recognizes an individual who has had an uplifting and positive influence on colleagues across the university within the last year by:

  • Providing encouragement, cheer, and affirmative energy;
  • Lifting up others and increasing morale; and
  • Brightening the work and lives of others through positive words and actions.

Outstanding Staff Team Award

Recognizes outstanding work performed by a team or group of three or more staff colleagues on campus. Characteristics of the Outstanding Staff Team Award are those who have:

  • Built effective and collaborative relationships across campus or between departments, areas, or divisions;
  • Positively contributed to a group effort having a significant impact on departmental goals and/or university mission;
  • Played a positive critical role in the work of the team and worked above normal job responsibilities; and
  • Worked to reach agreements or plans that account for and honor multiple perspectives.

Inclusive Excellence Champion Award (New Award for 2023)

Recognizes an individual or a team where Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging (DEIB) are not formally part of their formal job duties—someone who spearheads work efforts to create or enhance environments, projects, processes, or initiatives that create or enhance inclusivity and belonging across identities, groups, or differences.

This can be someone who:

  • Actively pursued opportunities to expand their understanding of and engagement with topics related to diversity, equity, and inclusion
  • Went above and beyond in ensuring individuals with whom they have contact feel welcome, seen, respected, and acknowledged
  • Escalated concerns related to exclusionary or biased behavior through appropriate channel
  • Served as a vocal advocate for justice and equity in multiple forums

Magis Innovation Award (New Award for 2023)

Recognizes an individual who exemplifies the "Magis" term in which the greater good is emphasized through their efforts. This person has taken the initiative to improve processes to create efficiency and capacity, which has then been realized by colleagues within and/or across the university. 

This innovator can be someone who:

  • Introduced a streamlined way to improve operations within, or across, division(s).
  • Implemented an efficiency that led to significant cost savings.
  • Advocated for improved processes that positively impacted the work experience of their colleagues.
  • Thinks creatively / “outside the box” to inspire new practices and/or behaviors that move the university further in its mission and strategic goals.
  • Sought out innovative practices that supported the university’s repositioning for growth efforts.