Alumni Blog: GOLD Council Adds 9 New Members

GOLD Council Adds 9 New Members

Posted by Seattle University Alumni Association on Thursday, June 24, 2021 at 3:21 PM PDT

We are excited to introduce the nine new GOLD Council members who will start in the fall. They are bringing a lot of enthusiasm and new ideas. Get to know a little about them as you read their favorite Seattle U memories. 

Collage of new GOLD members

Nelson Taylor, ’17: Representing Seattle University all over the country as I played baseball with my best friends for the men's baseball program. 
Robin Lustig, ’18: One of my favorite SU memories is studying (procrastinating) with my friends and classmates at Cherry Street Coffee. 
Julia Grief, ’18: One of my favorite SU memories is celebrating Homecoming my senior year. It was such a festive time and it was a fun way to commemorate my last year at SU. 
Ty Bean, ’20: My favorite SU memory was going to Southpaw for Happy Hour before class with a bunch of my cohort mates. It was always a good time to catch up and have some pizza before class! 
Sophie Brooke, ’19: My favorite memories at Seattle U are the first times I played tourist with friends as a first-year - taking the ferry over to Bainbridge Island, visiting the Seattle Art Museum, finding the best Pho in Seattle (Pho Bac!), and my first late night dinner/dessert/breakfast at Lost Lake (classic Seattle U diner spot) where you can get pancakes, pie, and a burger in the same sitting at 11pm! 
Nikki Maryanski, ’19: My most fondest memories would probably be the baptism of my older daughter in St. Ignatius Chapel by Father Whitney, followed three years later by my wedding to my life partner and love of my life in the same chapel, and last but certainly not least my graduation in 2019. 
Jessie Dirks, ’19: One of my favorite memories from Seattle U is playing with the SU Drumline! We were a close-knit family with inside jokes and plenty of goofy antics. Drumline was where I could de-stress from classes and be myself. 
Genna Madic, ’16: My favorite SU memories revolve around my work in Leadership Development. The work ethic and camaraderie in that office was palpable. I loved working with Michelle Etchart, my grad assistants, and my peers to develop programming that impacted the whole community! 
Emily Thurston, ’14: Going on immersion trips through campus ministry to both Belize and Appalachia were my favorite experiences. I loved the opportunity to learn and travel with a reflective, committed group of people.