Quarterly Activities

As a first year Academic Pathways student, you may be totally decided, undecided, or somewhere in between in your intended major program. To help you in your discernment process, you will complete required quarterly activities. The activities have been created to show you the many programs you can choose from, while helping to narrow the focus to see what programs fit your interests, academic and professional goals. For students who are already decided on their major, the activities direct you to learn more about your major and the steps needed to declare it. The activities are required for first year students. Incomplete activities will prevent registration for the upcoming quarter. 

Academic Pathways Quarterly Activities

Note to students: You will not be able to register for classes until the quarterly activity and advising appointment are complete. If your quarterly activity is not completed you will not be able to register for classes for the next quarter.

Fall Quarter 2023:

Winter Quarter 2024:

  • TBD - check back in January 2024

Spring Quarter 2023:

  • TBD - check back in March 2024


Advising Plan for Continuing Academic Pathways Students 

  • Advising appointments are strongly recommended for students with 45 credits - 75 credits, but not required 
  • Advising appointments are required for students with 75 credits or more