Academic Pathways Advising Overview

Seattle University recognizes that many students come to the University wishing to explore academic programs before committing themselves to a major. Similarly, students may need to complete pre-requisite courses and other requirements before officially declaring their intended major. Academic Pathways Advising provides students with advising and academic coaching as they navigate discernment and preparation processes to declare their major. Academic Pathways Advising also works with matriculated students considering changing their major. Each student is assigned an advisor who not only assists with academic guidance, but also aids in the process of discerning and preparing for their major and vocational options. 

The goals of Academic Pathways Advising are:

  • Provide academic advising and support to Seattle University undeclared students. We help students create an action plan for declaring a major by the end of the sophomore year (90 credits). For transfer students who enter with 90 credits, we create an individualized plan to make a sound and timely decision. 
  • Recognize where students are in their major declaration process and provide them with the best resources appropriate to their pathway. 
  • Provide discerning students the framework, programming, and resources necessary to make informed decisions about choosing a major. We also help students process and interpret this information.
  • Encourage students in defining their goals by exploring their personal strengths, interests, and values and assessing how they relate to an overall education and career path.

We provide one-on-one consultations and referrals to other campus offices in order to help students discern their strengths, limitations, interests and values. We also connect students with the campus community to develop their sense of belonging at SU.