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Bellarmine Advising Center | Bellarmine Hall 111


Monday-Thursday 8:30am-4:30pm & Fridays virtually 8:30am-4:30pm

(appointments may be requested outside of these times)

Discover, Discern, Declare

Welcome to one of Seattle University’s largest and most popular programs: Academic Pathways for undeclared students. Whether you are deciding which major best fits your interests or completing requirements toward your preferred major. Academic Pathways Advising provides you with the tools through coaching and academic support to declare your major. From your first quarter, you will be actively engaged in activities and conversations with your advisor toward achieving your personal, academic and career goals.  With our program, you’ll develop and benefit from an academic framework that will serve you throughout your undergraduate studies at Seattle University. 


Our Team Supports Your Educational Discovery

Academic Pathways Advisors

Picture of the Premajor Studies Team. From left to right; Natasha Malyuk, Carly Darcher, and Theari Leng.

Schedule an appointment with your advisor

Advisors are available to meet with you virtually or in-person by appointment. During your first year at SU, we require you to meet with us at least once per quarter but encourage you to come in more often. Once you are in your second year, your advising process becomes more self-directed. 

Common reasons to make an appointment with your advisor include:

  • Getting connected to campus resources
  • Checking in on your academic progress
  • Drafting an educational plan
  • Considering withdrawal from a course
  • Talking about possible majors
  • Learning about the registration process

What majors do our students declare?

Students declared into the College of Arts and Science
Students declared into the Albers School of Business and Economics
Students declared into the College of Science and Engineering

Numbers are from data collected during the 2021-2022 academic year.