Preparing for a Major

Do you already know what major you want but have a few requirements to complete before you can declare? Academic Pathways Advising will help you understand exactly what you need to accomplish to declare your chosen major and set goals to move you along that path. The advisors will work with you to set manageable goals and evaluate your progress toward declaring your major.  

Through the activities and supports available to you in Academic Pathways Advising you will: 

  • Identify the steps necessary to declare your major 
  • Create a plan for accomplishing those tasks 
  • Build skills and confidence as a student  
  • Reflect on your experience and build habits for future success 

As a student in the Academic Pathways Advising program, you will work with your academic advisor to identify the skills necessary to be successful in your major and establish good habits to build upon. You will also plan your courses together each quarter to ensure you are making progress toward your degree even before you declare