Graduate Cost of Attendance for 2024-2025

March 20, 2024

Dear Graduate Students,

As we move into the homestretch of the current academic year, I wanted to update you on the cost of attendance for next year. Tuition for 2024–2025, as approved by our Board of Trustees last week, will increase by 1.75 percent for graduate students. (For comparison, the increase this past academic year, 2023-2024, was 5 percent.) A full list of tuition and fees for 2024–2025 can be found at Graduate Tuition, Fees and Charges.

In setting tuition and fees for the coming year, our priority is to provide a Jesuit education that is simultaneously excellent and affordable. This critical balance is central to developing the university’s 2024–2025 budget as we strive to deliver a rigorous academic experience and inclusive learning environment that prepares you as professionals, helps you advance in your careers and supports your personal growth.

I recognize this information may not directly apply to those of you who are graduating this spring, but we wanted to keep you informed as members of our community and future alumni. In the meantime, I am grateful that you are part of our learning community and wish you all the best in your studies and endeavors at Seattle University.


Eduardo M. Peñalver