Axiom Budget Software

Axiom is a third party, web-enabled software that the university uses to administer process, develop data, and report information related to the university's operating budget. All operating budgets have been managed through this software since FY19.

Training videos, slide decks, and handouts for the various Axiom modules and processes are available via the links in the menu to the left: Orientation and Navigation, Budget Transfers, etc..

Users will access different Client Views for different functions in Axiom.

  • Web Client (accessed through browser - Internet Explorer is the recommended browser)
    • The initial Landing Page view is in Web Client
    • The Web Client is well suited for web-form actions like submitting Budget Transfers and Budget Entries
    • Some reports can be accessed and run on Web Client
  • Windows Client
    • Large scale data views and data input require a stronger environment
    • the Windows Client is necessary to manage Labor Planning Plan Files and access User Reports

A step by step guide for installing Axiom Windows Client is available at the link below.

Directions for Installing Axiom 9.16.22
*For Axiom installation on a new computer, you may have to reach out to ITS for help installing a Microsoft update.

Access to the Axiom system is based on a person's role within the Organizational Hierarchy (InformSU Org Hierarchy Security Report). Individuals identified as Administrators and/or Financial Managers at the Reporting Unit, SCMA, and Division level are granted access to the system. See the Organizational Hierarchy tab to the left for more information on the Org Hierarchy.

On Sept. 14 2022, we have updated Axiom.  Below is a summary of the changes.

Axiom Updates For SU Users as of 9.14.22

If you have any questions regarding Axiom, please contact the UBO