Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between base budget and current year budget?

Budget – Financial resources allocated to an activity which provide financial support for a particular purpose.  These funds come from the major revenue streams of the institution (i.e. tuition). 

Base Budget – the default budget of an activity. The base budget rolls forward from fiscal year to fiscal year until actively changed.

Current Year Budget – reflects base budget and all one-time budget adjustments within the fiscal year 

What is InformSU?

InformSU is the university's reporting platform. Reports hosted by InformSU have been developed by both Institutional Research and the Office of Information Technology. InformSU is accessed via Internet browsers and requires a SU login.  To learn more visit the InformSU webpage.

To request access contact schoenm@seattleu.edu.

Are Financial Reports available?

There are four financial reports available in InformSU. Trainings for these reports can be found through EngageSU. Additional reports generated through Axiom will be rolled out throughout the fiscal year.


What is a budget transfer?

The purpose of a budget transfer is to provide for increased budget authorization levels.

Budget transfers can be used to:

  • Transfer budget within an activity's major expenditure categories: Salary, Non-Salary / Travel and Equipment.
  • Transfer budget between activities, reporting units, and major areas, schools, and colleges. This generally funds expenditures exceeding original budget allocations.

Budget transfers are not for:

  • Charging or reimbursement between areas. This would be properly handled with a .
  • Transferring funds to other fund groups such as Agency, Restricted, Grants, Plant, or Endowment funds. (i.e. budget transfers can only be done between like fund numbers 11 to 11 or 41 to 41)

For more information on budget transfers click here or call Suzanne Guan at 206-220-8289.

Who manages a certain budget?

Reference the Organizational Hierarchy Security report on InformSU (in the Finance & Budget, Official Reports folders) to find out who manages an activity, reporting unit, etc..