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Pa Ousman Jobe, ’18


Finance and Economics

Student President Promotes Solidarity

Pa Ousman Jobe, ’18, traveled from his home in Bakau, Gambia, to Seattle University where as Student Body President he is taking a stand for marginalized students.

An Albers student majoring in finance with a minor in economics, Jobe is among the university’s inaugural cohort of Alfie Scholars, whose recipients are transfer students from two-year colleges. Before coming to Seattle U, Jobe was at Highline College, where he served as its Student Body President. The aspiring lawyer takes the student leadership position seriously for its ability to effect positive change.

“Living through a world filled with so many issues around oppression and marginalization, we can’t expect anyone to solve our problems for us,” Jobe says. “We are all part of the problem and we ought to all be part of the solution.”

Jobe aims to “amplify the voices of those who are vulnerable.” As president he deploys a power-sharing leadership model. He also seeks to bridge the gap between students and administrators. “The presidency means looking around the room and around the table to see who is missing and how do we invite them in. The presidency is bigger than me…”

Now a senior, his advice to incoming students is get involved, be curious, question the systems and explore all that is around you.

“Seattle University seeks to educate the whole person and as such, I invite them to bring the wholeness of who they are to everything they do,” Jobe says. “Take your time to explore who you are and your passions and design your own journey. My hope is for them to fill their university experience with beautiful dreams and leave Seattle University with a greater desire to fight, love and be in solidarity with others.”