On-Campus Employers / Supervisors

Supervisors/On-Campus Employers

Student employment is an opportunity for students to gain work experience, including competencies and skills that apply to a wide range of career paths. Supervisors play an important role in helping students make the connections between their student employment, their career goals, and professional formation. Additionally, supervisors provide mentorship and create environments of learning and community where sense-of-belonging can be found.

Student Employment Goals

  1. Essential job skills: Student employees will practice essential job skills for the world of work.
  2. Career exploration: Student employees will explore their career interests and strengths by carrying out the various responsibilities of on-campus jobs.
  3. Competency development: Student employees will grow their knowledge, skills, and abilities within SU's Career & Leadership Competencies.
  4. Sense-of-belonging: Student employees will connect with a network of staff, faculty, and peers in their place of work becoming part of a community.