Senior Design Projects

One distinguishing feature of Seattle University's engineering programs is the year-long, industry-sponsored senior design projects facilitated through our Project Center, one of the oldest in the United States. The projects bring together all aspects of the ME curriculum while simultaneously providing students the experience to address real economic factors and operational concerns and to communicate effectively with industry professionals when coordinating real-world engineering projects.

The richness of the scope and technical depth of the projects is made possible by small class sizes, a teaching-focused faculty, and the university's proximity to a robust industrial base in the Puget Sound Seattle area.

2016-2017 ME & INT Projects

  • INT 17.1 Collegiate Wind Competition: Wind Turbine Generator (Seattle University)
  • INT 17.3 Winch Simulation Analyzer (Ingersoll Rand)
  • INT 17.4 Autonomous Tractor-Trailer Coupling System (Kenworth Truck Company)
  • INT 17.5 Compact Robotic System (T-Mobile)
  • ME 17.1 Collegiate Wind Competition: Mechanical Subsystems (Seattle University)
  • ME 17.2 Steady Feed of Fine Abrasives (Flow International Corporation)
  • ME 17.3 Assembly Line Redesign (The Lighthouse for the Blind, Inc.)
  • ME 17.4 ROMAC Pipe Repair Clamp (ROMAC Industries, Inc.)
  • ME 17.5 Tiny House Heating, Lighting and Ventilation Systems (Low Income Housing Institute)

Photos from Projects Day 2017


ME Juniors 2017




2015-2016 ME & INT Projects

  • INT 16.1 Redesign and Improve Gold Trap Desorption Module (Brooks Rand Instruments)
  • INT 16.2 Tractor/Trailer Coupling System (Kenworth Truck Company)
  • ME 16.1 A-3000 Attachment (Flow International)
  • ME 16.2 Digital Air Flow Hour Meter (Ingersoll Rand)
  • ME 16.3 Set-Screw Assembly Station (The Lighthouse for the Blind, Inc.)
  • ME 16.4 Administration Building HVAC System Upgrade Analysis (McKinstry)
  • ME 16.5 Alpha 2.0 (ROMAC Industries, Inc.)
  • ME 16.6 Bicycle Comfort and Efficiency (Mike Larson)

2014-2015 ME & INT Projects

  • INT 15.1 Analog Electronic Circuit Breaker with I2t (Astronics Corporation)
  • INT 15.2 Automated Mercury Accumulator and Detector Analyzer (AMANDA) Phase II (Brooks Rand Instruments)
  • INT 15.3 Autonomous Driving of a Semi-Truck (Kenworth Truck Company)
  • INT 15.4 Design and Prototype of A Small Generator for Inline Flow Applications (Renewable Energy Design Concepts)
  • ME 15.1 Energy Absorbing Cabin Partition (The Boeing Company)
  • ME 15.2 Kerf Analyzer and 3D Dynamometer (Flow International Corporation)
  • ME 15.3 Radial Piston Air Motor Diagnostics System (Ingersoll Rand)
  • ME 15.4 Design of System to Transform Used Plastic Bottles Into Roofing Tiles (Root Carbon)
  • ME 15.5 Onboard Data Acquisition System to Measure Road Surface Roughness for Bicycle Rider Comfort (Mike Larson)